After continued research, construct a working outline for the research paper. The outline should cover the topics and supporting details of your research paper. The research paper must affirm the approved topic and thesis you have selected.

The outline must be a minimum of 500 words (approximately two pages if the template is used properly). It should include the following requirements:

  • Refined and updated thesis
  • Limitations and scope of the project defined
  • Distinct topics supported by at least two relevant subtopics
  • Effective and clear organization of the main points and subtopics, clearly relevant to the thesis and grouped topics
  • An appropriate amount of detail to demonstrate feasibility of the thesis and organization of supporting evidence
  • Proper writing conventions and APA formatting

Create an annotated bibliography with a minimum of 15 sources. Each annotation should be between 150-200 words in well-written academic English. In the bibliography:

  • Categorize both primary and secondary sources properly.
  • Justify each source with a short description of its relevance and appropriateness to the paper’s argument.
  • Be sure the annotations concisely summarize the source’s scope, accuracy, and usefulness.

The bibliography should reflect the use of multiple avenues of approach in finding sources. Only appropriate scholarly secondary sources and primary sources should be included.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.

I have attached my research proposal