This week’s wellness activity is a continuation of last week’s activity. Last week, you reflected on your own behavior modification plan and progress, as well as some “tips” you might give someone else who is also interested in modifying a behavior. This week, you’ll elaborate on the last point and reflect in more detail what advice you would give someone else who wants to change a specific behavior. It is not required, but I suggest thinking of someone you know when writing the reflection. For instance, if you know someone who has a sleeping disorder, you may think about them while writing a loose “plan” for them to overcome this disorder. Also, just to be clear, the behavior doesn’t have to be the same one that you want to change, just any behavior the person might want to change.

Again, the goal of this week’s activity is simple—just answer the questions below in at least a 300 word reflection and upload it into GaVIEW.

  1. Identify a behavior that a person might want to change.
  2. What steps would you suggest someone take who wants to change a behavior? You can pull from your own steps you have taken to illustrate what they should do. If you pull something from online, please be sure to cite where you got that information.
  3. What general advice would you give someone who wants to change a behavior? You gave some tips last week, but this week, elaborate more on what this advice might entail.

The goal of this reflection is to help you think about ways you can help others based on the reflections you have done to date.