Module 3 Assignment: Handout of the Demonstration without Props Presentation

Demonstrate how to convert presentation content to PowerPoint or a similar tool to create a presentation. Prepare a PowerPoint printout as a handout for the presentation you prepared for this week’s discussion titled “Demonstration without props.”

Module 3 Assignment: Resume Writing

After reviewing the information on the NLU Web site on résumé writing and cover letters, write and submit a professional résumé.

Accompany that with a generic cover letter. You may feel free to remove any personal identifiers, such as home address and phone number, or any other item you feel is confidential. This is to be submitted to the Assignment section of the course site. See this assignment’s rubric for grading expectations. Note: I my resume attached below.

Module 3: Reflective Journal

Write approximately 75 to 100 words addressing the following:

1) What is (at least) one new thing you learned this week?

2) Why is this new learning important to professional writing and/or presenting?

3) how you will apply the information you learned to your class writing and/or presentation projects?