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The below responses are of individuals who did case study “The Invisible sponsor” on page 658 and then answer the set of questions on page 660.

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Why do some executives refuse to function as project sponsors?

There are several reasons why some of the executives cannot operate as a project sponsor. They are afraid of making a wise decision that can be implemented from the start of the project to the end. They are afraid of being blamed when the project proposed fails has he or she had planned from the decision they made. In case the executive had been assigned to operate as a project sponsor, they will likely to fail in submitting the right decision that can lead to project success thus interfering with his or her job position.

They are afraid of taking most of their time in monitoring the project progress all the time as set in the project lifecycle. It is very difficult to advise the project manager and his team to collaborate and come up with a positive result due to lack of skills and knowledge of managing the project successfully. The project sponsor should be highly skilled and knowledgeable to maintain the project interest to achieve the set decisions and goals. Therefore, some of the executives have no idea of managing the organization thus cannot manage the project effectively. According to the information, AI Zink had been identified as one of the executive members who were afraid of taking the risks that can interfere with its ability reputation in the company.

2. Can an executive be forced to function as a Project Sponsor?

No, the executive should not be forced to act as a project sponsor when they lack the basic skills and knowledge in carrying out the proposed project activities. They can cause threats in the project progress leading to project failure due to poor management responsibilities and duties in managing the project management team.

Primarily, it is recommendable for the project sponsor to effectively participate in monitoring and evaluating the project quality thus require time commitment which cannot be maintained by the executive member. Therefore, when the executive had been forcefully assigned to work as a project sponsor, he will likely to violate the time commitment which will destroy their reputation in the company. Therefore, the organization should not force some of the executives to operate as project sponsor to avoid making losses in the company but instead higher the best project sponsor who is knowledgeable in managing the company project effectively.

3. Is it right for the sponsor to be the ultimate person responsible for the success or failure of the project?

No, the sponsor should not be blamed for success and failure of the project completion underlined through the different project lifecycle. Even though the project sponsor is responsible for managing all the activities carried out in project lifecycle, he should get some of the advice that can help him make effective decisions by including the employees and other staffs. Therefore, the management should appreciate the effort of the project sponsor but avoid blaming his failure or success.


Why do some executives refuse to function as project sponsors?

An executive will refuse to work as a project sponsor due to the pressure involved in the projects. Companies improve and create the products, services and systems. For the chances on projects to be success, organizations are very common in order to choose their senior executives with an outcome interests as a project sponsor. Executives of sponsors are very responsible for necessary line up resources at managing, beginning activities certain underway while the projects are ultimate to deliver results. These sponsors of executive are enough manage time projects personally they will realy on project managers.

Can an executive be “forced” to function as a sponsor?

The role of sponsors executes the organizations. There are the goals for projects to make them succeed like strategies and supports the gamers. All the leaders of seniors have identified by the executives with efficient changes that will sponsorship to lead the success. Taking responsibilities might be easy but keep the word is really tough task as there will be lot of work to finish the tasks on time and make projects success. The level of success factors in all the teams will be high always which makes company to get into good position. So, once given commitments to the project executive, manager will take be on that word and gives tough time to sponsor as he/she should take care about whole team and make each individual to work.

Is it right for the sponsor to be the ultimate person responsible for the success or failure of the project?

It’s not right for the sponsor to make them responsible for failure or success of projects, because project fails for multiple reasons that ranges from unclear, rational or changed objectives to perform poor. It is responsible for individual performance, project included managers.


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