FlexPath Action Plan

Earlier in this orientation, you learned how FlexPath works and what’s expected of you as a FlexPath learner. For this assessment, you will create a personal FlexPath Action Plan. Creating this plan will give you the opportunity to reflect on what you’ve learned, consider your strengths and anticipated challenges, and develop a plan to put your decisions into action.

Remember that this plan is for you. Creating it will help you:

Recognize the knowledge, skills, and strengths you bring to your FlexPath experience.

Gain clarity about expectations and habits you may need to change to succeed in FlexPath.

Create a realistic plan for fitting FlexPath course work into your life.

Prepare for your first meeting with your FlexPath coach.

Begin your first academic course feeling empowered and ready to deal with challenges.

For each of the categories below, reflect on the topic and questions, and consider what you have learned so far during this orientation. When you complete this document, return to the courseroom and follow the assessment directions to submit it for evaluation.

Unpack Your Expectations

In the blank space below, write a 1−2 paragraph summary of your responses to the following questions. Be specific about your strategies: the skills you will use and changes you plan to make in order to succeed in FlexPath.

Think back over your years learning at home, school, and work.

What were those experiences like for you?

What assumptions about education and learning have you developed as a result of those experiences?

How can you use skills you have gained in the workplace to help you as an independent learner?

Now think about what you just learned about FlexPath.

What expectations did you start with, and how did those change? What most appeals to you? What surprised you?

Is there anything about the FlexPath model that might be a challenge for you?

What changes do you plan to make in how you approach learning and education in order to succeed in FlexPath?

Picture Yourself Working on Courses

In the space below, write a 1−2 paragraph summary of your responses to the following questions. Describe any adjustments you plan to make to carve out the time and space you’ll need for course work.

Most learners already have a full life before they start FlexPath. Think about what will be going on in your life during the weeks you plan to devote to your first academic course. Then picture yourself in the settings where you actually plan to do your course work.

How will you make room for this additional commitment in your life? What could interfere with your plans?

What type of environment do you expect to do your work in? Will your workspace or spaces help or hinder your ability to concentrate?

When do you plan to work on your course? Will you work in daily increments or in one or two longer sessions each week?

Create Strategies for Success

Knowing yourself—what you’re good at and what might be tough for you—is a source of great power. So is knowing when and where to ask for help. Creating strategies for success involves drawing on your existing strengths, developing new ones, and reaching out for support when you need it.

In the space below, write a 1−2 paragraph summary of your responses to the following questions. Be as specific as possible about the strategies you plan to use.

Take a minute to review what you wrote in the previous topics.

What strengths will you bring to the table that will help you succeed? How will you leverage those?

In what areas do you anticipate challenges or the need to develop some additional skills? How will you do that?

Who can you enlist to help support your efforts? In what ways do you think they will be helpful?

Review the FlexPath Resources available on Campus. Which ones do you think might be most helpful to you, and why?