Attached is a Film and FILM TRANSCRIPT. I cannot give access to the film itself because of the college credentials required. So I found the video on another website and attached the word-for-word transcript of the film here.

The Only work cited to be used is the film itself called:

Death and Dying in Varanasi

Film Critique Guidelines
Film responses should be 3 pages long. They should be typed and double-spaced. 12 pt. font Times New
Roman. Margins should not exceed 1.25 on either side.
Read the film with an eye toward the theories and concepts from the course readings. View the film and
film events through the lens of world culture concepts in the course materials. Relate the film’s situations
or messages to our course concepts and to situations in the real world. What response is the film designed
to elicit from the viewer? Does the film take an ethnocentric view of the culture it chronicles or does it
work to keep out bias? Notice the cinematic tools, language, and visual effects which combine to elicit the
desired response from the audience.
Pay attention to language and assumptions made in the film. Pay attention to which questions the film
asks, which questions it answers and which questions it leaves unasked.

Your paper should briefly summarize the film content, analyze/critique the film’s message through an
anthropological/sociological lens/perspective using course concepts and materials, and reflect upon your
personal reaction to or opinion of the film and the issues it raises providing real world examples where
appropriate.The films are designed to complement or contrast with the course reading material. The chapters of reading in the text will have films to accompany the reading. Your papers will summarize and synthesize the ideas from the text and the films. Papers should be 3-4 pages. You should summarize/synthesize the material, reflect on the concepts and situations presented, and give an example of how these concepts operate in your life or thinking and/or in the lived reality of people affected by the situations