Include link to the sustainability or CSR report that you examined at the end.

MKTG 563: Sustainability & CSR
Final Written Individual Assignment
The final assignment is to explain the benefits of sustainability and CSR programs. The assignment has three related parts.

A). Explain the social sustainability benefits of a company that does CSR, first by listing the
case takeaways from the Dannon case. To add to these, use the associated readings to note other
social sustainability examples discussed in the articles (as well as related consumer benefits).

B). Explain the environmental sustainability benefits needed, first by listing the case takeaways from the Clorox case (that include discussion of Brita and water issues, Burt’s Bees as a green personal care brand, and the problematic issues related to Green Works and home cleaning products). List case takeaways with respect to environmental sustainability. Be sure to use the material in the appendix of the case to explain the issues behind consumer attitudes toward green products. Also use and cite the course readings (most notably the Growing Green article, as well as others).

C.) Assess a company’s sustainability (also called CSR or citizenship) report that you alone have chosen. Explain the extent to which the company is transparent, how it recognizes the ethics of its actions and takes responsibility for the various social and environmental impacts of its business. Provide your views and opinions as to whether you think that the company is doing enough ethically on the issues and takes responsibility for social and environmental impacts. Particularly important is how the corporation reports on actions taken towards improving impacts (toward employees, customers, the environment, and the public).

1. Cite the course readings in the final assignment in completing this assignment. The readings have been carefully selected.
2. Sources used from outside the course readings are NOT NECESSARY but can be used. If you use other sources, these must be carefully and correctly cited, and your report. Your writing should NOT plagiarize. Any outside sources must be clearly indicated and documented, and not simply by a web address.
3. NOTE: If you cite a course article, you can just cite the author’s name or simply the case name, for example “Dannon Case”.
There is no maximum word length, but the minimum length is 2500 words in response, not including references or charts.