Publishing a novel through a publishing company is an example of:


traditional publishing

Publishing a poem in a literary journal is an example of:


traditional publishing

In creative writing, a bio is:

where the author’s name is listed

brief biography about the author

person who decides what to publish and who edits writing

document submitted for publication

In creative writing, a byline is:

where the author’s name is listed

brief biography about the author

person who decides what to publish and who edits writing

document submitted for publication

The publisher’s job is:

to edit a writer’s work

to print and sell a writer’s work

to copyedit a piece of writing

to proofread a piece of writing

What is copyright?

the right to use another’s work without permission

use of another’s work without permission

the right of ownership over writing, music, or art

none of the above

Which step is not included in the student publishing process?revising the piece

publishing your piece

submitting to a literary journal

submitting to a class anthology

Copyright infringement means:

cutting fringes on the edge of your story


breaking copyright laws

following copyright laws

If you use a few lines from a published song in the story you put into the class anthology and add a note at the end giving credit to the songwriter, this would be considered:

copyright infringement


neither of the above

both of the above

Asking your best friend to write a poem for you and then turning it in to your teacher is:

copyright infringement


both of the above

In writing creative nonfiction, generative writing and drafting are similar in which way?

generative writing and drafting both involve developing new ideas

generative writing and drafting both involve careful revision

neither generative writing nor drafting involve developing new ideas

neither generative writing nor drafting are key parts of the writing process

In creative nonfiction, to make quotes sound like dialogue, writers:

change the words

put the quotes in context

do nothing at all

add imaginary characters

In Merwin’s essay Unchopping A Tree, the clear and specific details of the tree are examples of:





In creative nonfiction, a quote is differentiated from fictional dialogue in that it:

takes the liberty of re-creating someone’s spoken or written words

is closer to the truth than fiction dialogue

can be edited to change the piece’s emotional impact

copies someone’s actually-spoken or written words

In Merwin’s essay Unchopping A Tree, the idea that it is more difficult, and often impossible, to fix something than to break it is an example of the essay’s:





The point of view in Merwin’s essay Unchopping A Tree can be described as:

second person

first person

third person

fourth person

The house sat sadly in its emptiness is an example of:





The huge boulder stood stubbornly in our way is an example of:





That mountain hike ruined my legs! is an example of:





When writing a creative nonfiction essay draft, be sure to:

keep the information in the essay factual

bring the content alive with fictional sections

avoid using figurative language

none of the above

Which of the following is true of self review?

self-review is unimportant in a creative nonfiction writing process

self-review is completed after peer review in a creative nonfiction writing process

in creative writing, which is factual, self-review is the first step in the writing process

self-review for creative writing plays the same part of the writing process as in other types of writing

The tone of Kim Dana Kupperman’s I Just Lately Started Buying Wings can be described as:

warm but distant

warm and spiritual

warm and passionate

warm but proud

Read this passage from Murmurs: “Lest you think these sounds are music only for astronomers’ ears, consider: The same wrinkles in space that created the gravity wells that gave it rise to the sound also blew up to form clusters, galaxies, stars, planets, us.” What does this passage most contribute to?




point of view

Think about By Any Other Name by Santha Rama Rau. What is its theme?

it doesn’t matter what your name i

some names are better than others

personal and cultural identities are important

personal and cultural identities should be flexible

The tone of K.C. Cole’s essay Murmurs can be described as:





The tone of By Any Other Name can be described as:





Most creative nonfiction uses which types of point of view?

first and second

second and third

first and third

none of the above

Which would be the best setting for a science piece on algae?

a city park

a local pond

a bathtub

a kitchen sink

You are writing a creative nonfiction piece about science; your friend is writing a personal essay.

What should both pieces’ introductions have in common?


strong showing

quoted facts

the piece’s theme

The best point of view for a memoir on being a youngest child would be:

second person

first person

third person

none of the above

Which of these is not a purpose of foreshadowing:

to create suspense

to add sensory details

to add believability

to create curiosity

In fiction writing, irony is:

a type of sarcasm

the same as satire

often written in to trick the reader

sometimes used with an unreliable narrator

While reading a short story, readers know that Jesse is cheating on Sara, but Sara doesn’t know. What kind of irony is this?

situational irony

dramatic irony

sarcastic irony

verbal irony

Flashback would be best used in a short story that:

is told in second person point of view

shows details of characters’ past and present lives

uses irony as a main plot tool

is set in the deep south

In The Story of an Hour, the flashback letting us know of Mrs. Mallory’s heart condition was used to:

create suspense

develop character

make her later death believable

create a flashback

In a story written in the past tense, the best way to use verb tense in a flashback is to:

use the past perfect tense two or three times and then go into simple past

use past perfect tense throughout the flashback

use simple past tense throughout

not worry about tense at all

An unreliable narrator can be used to:

affect tone

strengthen theme

involve readers as they decide what is true

all of the above

Using a flashback right at the beginning of a story:

is an effective use of a flashback

should never be done since short stories should never have flashbacks

is usually not an effective use of flashbacks

none of the above

In which of the following short stories would an unreliable narrator be most appropriate?

a story about superheroes told from a superhero’s point of view

an ironic story about dogs told from the point of view of a dog who thinks he is a cat

a story in which a hermetic man saves an orphan child from a gang of circus managers

none of the above

A good reason to use a flashback is:

to add history to a story

to give characters motivation for unusual actions

to make readers work harder

to add interest to a story

Which fictional element is used to provide information to the reader in this excerpt from The Mountain To Mohammed: “Tom had looked forward to the trip to Jones Beach more than anyone — he wanted to see the ocean, to swim in it, to build castles in the sand.”?





Allegory is most often associated with which fiction form?

mystery novel


traditional short story


Which well-known novel includes allegory as a significant part of its characterization and plot?

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory


The Giver


In E.C. Meyers’ The Mountain To Mohammed, to which religious text does the title make an allusion?

The Koran

The Bible

The Bhagavad Gita

none of the above

In E.C. Meyers’ The Mountain To Mohammed, what does the beach symbolize?

joy and excitement

terminal illness

death and sadness

life and health

What is one difference between flash fiction and a short story?

flash fiction is longer than a short story

flash fiction is humorous, whereas short stories are serious

flash fiction is shorter than a short story

flash fiction does not make use of expositions, whereas a short story does

In a story, a situation in which a character represents greed would be:

an allegory

a symbol

a scene


In a piece of fiction, the excerpt “That boy is such a Romeo” is an example of:


an allusion


a scene

Something that should happen in every scene is:



neither of the above

both of the above

A part of a story that takes place in a limited time and place is:

a sentence

a paragraph


a scene

How is a Shakespearean sonnet divided?

an octave and a sestet


three quatrains and a couplet

unlimited stanzas

The volta in a sonnet is:

the rhyme scheme

the name of the stanzas

a change or turn in the poem

the theme

The pantoum uses what technique?

a strict rhyme scheme

a consistent meter

repetition of lines

specific number of stanzas

A sonnet has how many lines?



it doesn’t matter


Gwendolyn Bennett both personified and created a metaphor for what in Sonnet 1?





The poem One two/Buckle my shoe/Three four/Close the door uses which rhyme scheme?





The line Time is but a stream I go fishing in contains an example of:





My love is like a red, red rose is an example of:





The line Your eyes hold the promise of a new day contains an example of:





Frequently the woods are pink –/Frequently are brown./Frequently the hills undress/Behind my native town.

uses which rhyme scheme?





In regard to irony in Williams’ poem The Red Wheelbarrow, which of the following is true?

the irony is situational

the irony is actually litotes

there is no apparent irony in the poem

the irony is emotional irony

Irony in Dorothy Parker’s One Perfect Rose is created through the use of:





William Carlos Williams’ poem The Red Wheelbarrow:

includes a symbol in every line

is focused more on imagery than symbolism

is written for farmers

is not about a wheelbarrow at all

In Frost’s poem Acquainted With The Night, what might night symbolize?





The song lyrics of Wrapped Around Your Finger includes allusions to:

battles fought in Vietnam

Greek mythology and literary characters

modern politicians

love poems

In writing poems, allusions can be used to:

make the poem more like a puzzle

get readers to use the dictionary

create an emotional response in readers

shouldn’t be used

A benefit of using allegories in your poetry writing can be:

they are easy to write

they are easy to understand

readers connect because of the shared experiences

there are no benefits

When poets choose to use allusions, they should:

be aware of who their readers are

try to avoid them

use mythological and religious characters

use only modern references

Allegory in contemporary poetry:

is dead because Billy Collins said so

is useless because it is antiquated

can be used with success

is the same as allusion

Litotes are a form of: