Successful Company (750 words minimum, graded by Area V graders)

Assume that your project is about to turn into a successful company. Write about how to take into account at least two aspects (for example ideas, values, images, cultural artifacts, economic structures, or technological developments) while evaluating your decision to manufacture your product in two other countries that are not the United States. You must be specific about the two countries and provide details and sources for your information.

Note from Dr. Backer: 750 words is the minimum but you can go over. Just don’t exceed the 750 word limit by thousands of words.

Also, when a BME student and I were looking at research, we found this website, You can use this U.S. Department of Commerce website to look at the countries you are interested in for this assignment. The country commercial guides are located at

There is also the CIA Factbook which includes background information on almost every country in the world at