A fake company called Bella

It means beautiful woman

Women’s products

cts1.Define your social media marketing goals (based on launching a new Product and Mobile App campaigns) [1.5 marks]

  • Based on the finding from your social media audit, write the goals and strategies section of your SMMP.
  • How are you going to get people to engage with your business on social media?
  • Research your target audience [1.5 mark]
  • Develop your social media brand/business standards [3.5 marks]
  • Research to determine the target audience of your business.
  • Create three marketing personas that represent the organization’s target audience.
  • Which platforms might best help you achieve your goals? [Select at least 4 platforms].
  • Establish your business voice and tone and figure out how to speak with your target audience.
  • What’s your business’s personality? Try to pick out 2 or 3 traits that define your style, and list 2 or 3 that your style is not.
  • Write a clear and detailed description of your brand/ business posting guidelines.
  • What logos, positioning, and sizing will you use?
  • What fonts and colors will you use?
  • What is your company’s communication strategy when responding to your targeted audience and competitors? (How will your brand/ business respond to public complaints, competitors, and questions from followers?)