ECHD 2460 – Journals


For this course, you will submit responses to questions and topics posed from the text as journal reflections. You may respond in your own words, from your notes, and from other/outside resources. Try to connect your responses to the chapter readings. Please do not copy your responses from the text. Responding in your own words encourages thought, reflection, and retention.

Your journal entries should be two (2) pages if double spaced OR one (1) page if single-spaced. Submissions are worth 20 points each.

Submit Journal in Canvas

Journal entries are due October 3rd @ 11:59pm.

Journal 2: Family Needs to Family Strengths

Providing a beneficial service to children and families can be incredibly rewarding. Yet challenges may arise, such as those presented in chapter 7, that would require you to respond in a way that could potentially help a family overcome a difficult circumstance. You could provide a meaningful impact through your assistance, guidance, or referrals.

For this journal, choose one of the five obstacles (Poverty, Homelessness, Community Violence, Chronic Illness, Natural Disasters) discussed in this chapter. If possible, select one that you or a family member experienced growing up.

  1. What impact did this have on your education OR what impact do you believe this could have on a student’s education?
  1. Explain how you would support a child and his/her family experiencing this obstacle.
  1. From the Canvas page associated with the obstacle you selected, read one of the additional resources, what information from the resource was beneficial to you that you could use to help a family during this time?