Write a 500+ word paper reflecting on these readings, including elements of your experience in class, and/or something unexpected. Demonstrate that you can incorporate important concepts from the reading into your thinking about your personal practice and/or your world-view in general.

Here is my journal for class:

8/5 Before today’s experience, I had no idea about what is acting and what kind of person can be called as an actor. However, I did have lots of fun in the first class in Drama 10. We did some exercise with other classmates, throwing sandbags or little balls. I believe this will help us with the coordination of our body and also show us the importance of practice in acting. The body exercise helps us to relax our body. The movement seems weird but it did make me feel more comfortable after doing it. For the circle game, we still were massing up at the end of the class, it depends not only personal but also group work. We have to work as a team and get use to the movement. It’s really fun.

8/6 For today’s class, we learned the method of how to gain the attention from the audience which is the interest. We did the same exercise like yesterday but this time, I feel like I can handle the sandbags easier than before. As long as I kept practicing, the pattern came out of my mind and automatically applied to my hands. I can see the importance of practicing. We tried some movement in different speed, and the change of speed can create stories. I think that acting is about using abnormal movement to create scenes and stories. Our group made a funeral scene based on the man who lied on the ground at the end of class which impressed me a lot. I had no idea how is that happened but it just did. I can say that if people on the stage have different movement such as fast move or freeze. The story will come out.

8/7 Today’s class is mainly about practice our body. We did the same sandbag game like the first day and some movement on the sport pad. It’s so hard for me to do the one like handstand but others are interesting. One thing that I learned is that when we kept our hand’s contact with another person and doing some sort of movement. It can also create a scene. I believe that the method is the interaction between two people will become some thing more than just two separate people doing different things without contact. At the end of class, we tried to remember others’ name. It’s kind of hard for me to remember some people’s name cause they come from different countries or regions which means they have unusual names. I will try my best in the future.

8/8 Creativity is one of the most important thing in acting. Not only the script writer but also the actors themselves need creativity to build up a story. With those beautiful minds in our head, we can use simple movement, or even posture to show a scene. As same as the previous class, we did some body exercise to warm up and took a long time to relax. The activity what we tried to reach for the sandbag with our eyes closed is really fun. In fact, when I close my eyes, I can sometimes rebuild the room with my imagination in my mind. Although the space, distance and direction was kind of blurry, I can tell that my mind was getting training during the exercise. I think this is also important in acting because sometimes we have to imagine something that does not exist in real life but in the story.