CIS 101

Week 1

You may not feel like a tech guru yet, but you’re already an expert at navigating one piece of technology – your smartphone!

For the Week 1 Discussion, discuss how you learned to use one of the below features on your smartphone.

  • Online Shopping
  • Voice Controls
  • Social Media
  • Your favorite App

Week 2

With so much technology around us, sometimes it’s tricky to figure out which devices we should use and when. Let’s take a look at when and why YOU would choose to use the following devices to complete tasks: a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop/desktop.

For EACH of the tasks below, please write a 2-3 sentence paragraph to discuss which of these three devices you would use to complete it. Be sure to explain why you chose that device!

  1. Completing your classwork
  2. Researching a topic (for a paper or how to accomplish a task)
  3. Accessing media/entertainment
  4. Buying items online

Week 3

Want to know what movies are showing? Need to find a new place to eat? Kids need help with a school project? Have to fix that leaky faucet yourself? With the internet, the answer is just one click away…ok, maybe two or three clicks (or swipes), but it’s there. The internet has made it far easier to solve problems of all types, big and small.

What types of problems has the internet helped YOU solve? Choose one of the topics below. Then, identify a problem you faced and explain how you were able to solve it using resources available on the internet.

  1. Personal Development and Improvement
  2. Do-It-Yourself
  3. Entertainment or Travel
  4. Workplace or Job Hunting

Week 4

As you’re beginning to use and learn Word and as you go forward in your academic and professional life, you’ll find that writing and communication are important tools to have in your toolbox. If you’re a clear communicator, your audience will have no problem distinguishing your meaning. But, if your writing isn’t clear, it could have negative effects on your personal and professional life.

Please choose one of the scenarios below and explain how the communication errors might lead to negative results.

  1. U R constantly using text language in your English course.
  2. You’re messaging your significant other, and you mention that they are “defiantly bautiful.”
  3. You have to write a paper for your English class and choose the topic, “Tipps to find the purfect job.”
  4. You’re getting into the Realty Business, and you’re listing your first house. In the listing, you mention that the house “has a heated poo in the back yard.”