Students will choose from the assigned topics and will be required to find an article in the popular business press (e.g. Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Fortune, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, etc.) from within the last 6 months relevant to the topic of the chapter reading for that week.

You will be required to write a short summary of the article on the respective discussion forum week, and explain how it applies to the course material for that topic of the week. In your summary, explain major laws, government regulations, and/or public policy that affect the business’ behavior; and how the business influences regulations and/or the political process. These article postings are due on Wednesdays at 11:59pm.

All students should review the posts by their classmates each week, including the week that they post a news article, and provide feedback on at least two students’ posts. In your feedback, you can ask questions, provide additional elaboration, provide similarities to other topics and/or articles, discuss strengths or weaknesses of the post, etc.