In this discussion, you will consider how to teach and encourage prosocial behavior in an educational environment.

Initial Post: Prosocial behavior involves sharing, helping, and comforting others. Prosocial behavior can be taught by patient, caring educators. Write an initial post that addresses the following:

  • What regular practices would you put in place to teach children prosocial behavior?
  • How can children learn the language and actions needed to care for and be kind to others?

Refer to Principle 7 in NAEYC’s Developmentally Appropriate Practice. Remember to support your insights with evidence from the course resources or another credible source.

Reply Post: Respond to at least one peer by commenting on their thoughts about teaching prosocial behavior. Respectfully offer an opposing view or suggestions where appropriate. Provide insight and supportive evidence from the course resources or other credible sources.

Note: For assistance with finding credible resources, visit the Credible Sources FAQ.