Discussion instructions:

  1. Primary Post: Write a memo to your fellow hiring committee team members that identifies your #1 pick for the Project Manager job and explains your decision. Your memo should include all of the necessary components, clarify its specific purpose, and address the audience’s needs. For more information about how to write memos, see our textbook.
  2. Secondary (Reply) Post 1: Take on the role as the president of AAWS and respond to one of your classmates’ memos. What questions and concerns do you have about their hiring decision? Which qualifications or other elements might they need to consider? (~300-500 words)
  3. Secondary (Reply) Post 2: Take on the role of the Project Manager who is serving on the hiring committee and respond to one of your classmates’ memos. Do you agree with their assessment of the candidates? Based on your knowledge of Project Management, what might your classmate be missing? (~300-500 words)

The primary post is due in 6 hours.

The secondary posts are due in 4 days

I have attached the details below