For this discussion I want you to find a disease or homeostatic imbalance that affects the Endocrine system OR the Digestive system.

Describe the disease briefly by:

  • Mentioning its etiology [how it is caused], symptoms and treatment options.
  • Be sure to post the name of the disease or homeostatic imbalance in the SUBJECT line of your post.
  • There should be no repeats so be sure you check all of the previous post subject titles.

Keep the following evaluation guidelines in mind when creating your post:

  • You will receive 8 points for an original post that responds and contributes to this discussion prompt by addressing the above requirements.
  • You need to respond to two posts meaningfully and will be awarded 2 points each for those meaningful posts.
    • Your response should contribute to the discussion in a meaningful way (for example, no credit will be earned by simply typing “I agree with that”).