What are the legal consequences of the Erin Andrews’ invasion of privacy case? Is this case relevant to the recent allegations that some Hilton hotel rooms have hidden cameras that videotape unsuspecting guest? (See Minimum 250 words.

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The recent technological innovations and changes in the world have their own merits and demerits (Shoshitaishvili, Kruegel and Vigna, 2015). The increased use of the internet and social media platforms have made life easy and comfortable hence making people enjoy the best from all these improvements. However, several cases about hacking, data breaches, network intrusions, and privacy invasion have been on the rise and a lot of people, organizations and governments have been vastly affected negatively. In the year 2008 Erin Andrews a reporter working with ESPN was secretly filmed while staying at Marriott Hotel in Nashville. The person who was secretly filmed Mrs. Andrews was Michael David Barret pleaded guilty of the crime and was sentenced to serve 2.5 years in prison. Mrs. Andrews was later awarded $55 million for the case. The jury stated that Mr. Michael David Barrett was to be blamed 51% and the hotel owner, management and Windsor Capital Group was to be blamed for the remaining 49%. The hotel management was blamed for the stalker’s actions due to three reasons, and these were: First is that the stalker called the hotel to confirm if Mrs. Andrews was to stay in the hotel and they proved it. Secondly, is that the stalker requested the hotel to book the room next to Ms. Andrews room and they booked the room for the stalker. Thirdly is that the hotel management failed to call Ms. Andrews and inquire if she was expecting anyone to be confirmed about his stay in the hotel, but they never did. Hotel management should have robust security measures to protect their customers from stalkers and other deviant people that could wish harm to any of their clients.

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For the situation, Erin Andrews got $55 million in the Hotel Peephole Lawsuit. The Jury in Nashville found the Hotel Marriot proprietor and stalker blameworthy

In 2008, Andrews was remaining at a Nashville, Tennessee Marriott when Barrett utilized a peephole in the entryway of the lodging Andrews was in to record naked recordings of Andrews. As indicated by Andrews’ declaration, Barrett mentioned to be close to Andrews’ lodging and inn staff respected that demand. “Nobody at any point called me or revealed to me when I checked in that he requested to be put alongside me. Barret confessed to doing as such in lodgings in Columbus, Ohio, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, notwithstanding one in Nashville. Barrett served 20 months in the wake of confessing to stalking Andrews in 2009. Erin Andrews was granted $55 million in her claim against previous insurance agency official Michael David Barrett and the proprietor and previous administrator of the Nashville Marriott for a situation that prompted a naked video of Andrews surfacing on the Internet. Legal hearers said Barrett was in charge of 51 percent of the decision and the proprietor and previous administrator of the Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt is in charge of 49 percent. The $55 million decision will be part between Michael Barrett and the proprietors/administrators of the Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt University.

Taking everything into account, I am cheerful the case finished the manner in which it did. Nobody has the right to get their security abused and no measure of cash could make up for such a disreputable demonstration.



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