I will send you all of my classes info and major in pdf format once you are ready to do my work. we will chitchat for anything need during..

any times employers like to see a portfolio of work. Depending on my field of study, this could take many different forms. This is the first part of a 3 part assignment.

1) Design a Multiphase Portfolio Project – complete by today within 8 hours
2) Prework Reflection- complete by today within 8 hours
3) Complete Phase 1 of a Multiphase Portfolio Project. complete by oct , 24

Design a multiphase project. The project must be an original work of yours. It cannot be used for any previous class or work. The design of your project should:

List all tools necessary to complete Phase 1.
Verify through the instructor (or other means) that all tools necessary to complete Phase 1 of your project are available to you as a student of CSCC.
Research your project. Find other similar projects/products which have been done. You must document how your project will be differentiated from previous similar work.
Write an executive summary of your project
The required length is 400-600 words (about one page).
The target audience is all potential employers in your field of study.
Share who you are, what your major is, the kinds of classes you have taken and other projects you have done
Share what your project is. How will it be different from other similar projects.
If you have multiple deliverables, share why you made some parts more important than others
Show how your experience at CSCC relates to the project you chose
Write up what the deliverables will be for Phase 1. Your deliverables should be able to be turned in using Blackboard. Weight the importance of each deliverable. Importance levels should add up to 100%

Prework Reflection Show proof that you have acquired all tools needed to complete Phase 1 of the project. You may use screenshots or other verifiable means.2 – Break Phase 1 into smaller tasks. Provide a time estimate for each task. Each task should be 2 hours or less, and the total task time should be 8 hours – 12 hours.3 – Create a schedule you intend to follow to complete Phase 1. Phase 1 should be about a week’s worth of work, and the schedule should show a day and time that each task will be worked on.4 – Write a reflection essay of 250 – 350 words (about half a page). The reflection should answer the prompt “What are the importance of the Phase 1 tasks. This reflection should include a paragraph with several supporting reasons regard ing which task will be the most difficult. Include a separate paragraph with several supporting reasons regarding which task will be most critical to future Phases. The opening paragraph should summarize what will be communicated in the rest of the reflection.

Compete Phase 1 by oct , 24
Complete Phase 1 of your project.Turn in the deliverables you specified when designing this project.You will be graded according to the importance levels you assigned to each task. I will grade your deliverable based on the weight you gave them in 4.1 and how well they show that the work was completed for Phase 1.
OPTIONAL – If your deliverables are different than what you expected they would be when turned in for 4.1 you may write an “after action” essay to be graded along with your deliverables. If you turn in an After Action essay, it should be:● 300-500 words. At least 3 paragraphs.● The first paragraph should be a summary of the entire essay.● The second paragraph should let me know what is different about what you turned in versus what you said you would turn in for 4.1● The next paragraph should give details as to why this occurred. It will most likely be a combination of the 4 reasons stated in class. You should give details, not just the general description.●The final paragraph should be what you would recommend in order to avoid this issue in the future. The earlier in the process you can provide a systemic solution the better.