Please cite and describe a well-known court case where internet fraud and/or embezzlement occurred, resulting in the loss of millions of dollars by the victims.

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Cybercrime is any crime that includes a PC, arranged gadget or a system. While most cyber crimes are done so as to create benefit for the cybercriminals, a few cybercrimes are done against PCs or gadgets straightforwardly to harm or handicap them, while others use PCs or systems to spread malware, illicit data, pictures or different materials. A few cybercrimes do both – i.e., target PCs to taint them with infections, which are then spread to different machines and, once in a while, whole systems.

An essential effect from cybercrime is money related, and cybercrime can incorporate a wide range of sorts of benefit driven crime, including ransomware assaults, email and web misrepresentation, and character extortion, just as endeavors to take budgetary records, charge card or other installment card data. Cybercriminals may target private individual data, just as corporate information for robbery and resale. Cybercriminals utilize various assault vectors to do their digital assaults and are always looking for new strategies and systems for accomplishing their objectives while maintaining a strategic distance from discovery and capture.

As of late, I went over a Facebook client who was imitating. The impersonator had the option to get all the important data and access qualifications of his injured individual, and began requesting cash from the loved ones of his unfortunate casualty.

While it may not be conceivable to totally kill cybercrime, organizations can diminish their introduction to it by keeping up a viable cybersecurity procedure utilizing a resistance inside and out way to deal with verifying frameworks, systems, and information.

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The “Nigerian prince” email scam is perhaps one of the longest-running Internet frauds. Actress Anne Hathaway even joked about it in her monologue on “Saturday Night Live ” over a decade ago.

Also called “Nigerian letter” scams or “foreign money exchanges,” these typically start with an email from someone overseas who claims to be royalty. The fraudsters lure you in by offering a share of a huge investment opportunity or a fortune they can’t get out of the country without your help. Then they ask you either for your bank account number so they can transfer the money to you for safekeeping, or for a small advance payment to help cover the expense of transferring the money.

That’s when they either take your payment and disappear, or, worse, drain your bank account.

Americans lost $703,000 last year to these types of frauds, according to a new report by ADT Security Services, using data from the Better Business Bureau’s Scam Tracker. “As long as these types of scams keep working, people will continue to use them,” Anja Solum, ADT project manager, tells CNBC Make It.

Over the past three years, ADT calculated that Nigerian letter-style scams have cost victims an average of $2,133.

Overall, Americans lost over $26 million to scams last year, according to ADT. While the Nigerian prince-style schemes can cost a lot if you fall for them, investment fraud and romance scams are the most expensive for victims.

Investment fraud of all types, including Ponzi and pyramid schemes, committed over the past three years cost victims an average of $8,648, according to ADT. Victims of romance schemes, sometimes referred to as “sweetheart scams,” lose an average of $6,003.



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