Use the Log Assignment template document to complete your Log assignment.

I’m currently a social worker major intern at the HALO center it’s a women sheletr they also have parents (women )and their kids, no adult male in the women shelter

This week I had 2 intake with 2 new guest I helped the fill out the application andtold them the rule of HALO and what bed they were assigned to
in the afternoon I work with kids we had a book reading session
i also met wit 3 guest and help them with housing application , food assistance application,and job application

Please answer the question like you are a social worker in training

Here the Halo website

Questions for the log are below answer please no short answer

Weekly Log Assignment

Description of Activities (narrative, include of activity, when and where it occurred, who was involved
(staff/clients), describe what occurred including your role); include log topic, if applicable:
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Feelings: Describe positive and negative personal reactions you had to situations that occurred this week.
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Values: Discuss how personal values and professional social work values were taken into consideration this
week. Reflect on your use of self in your placement.

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Knowledge/Skills: Describe theories and skills used as well as competencies and behaviors demonstrated

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Supervision: Describe what was discussed in supervision with your field supervisor. What progress has been
made on your learning contract goals? What successes did you have this week? Challenges? What areas
for growth have you identified? What feedback were you given? What questions do you have for your next
supervision meeting?

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