Case : John Wayne Gacy American Serial Killer

The term paper is an opportunity for the student to study a particular criminal case and to explore the sociological concepts you have learned in this class and to apply them to a real-life situation.

Your case study is to be of a major criminal case that occurred in the United States sometime in history. Some examples would be the O.J. Simpson case, the Timothy McVeigh case, the Great American Tragedy, etc.

Information about the case can be obtained from the Internet, newspaper and magazine articles, and personal observations and opinions. Major emphasis on marking the paper will be on the formation of a valid opinion. I am most concerned in your opinion about the case, not on the content of your research. Your research will be of value in backing up your opinion, regardless of what that opinion may be.

Part 1 of your paper should include a sociological description of the crime and include:

The act or event.

What criminal code was violated in the case?

Who were the offenders, who were the victims?

Social reactions to the event

How was the behavior rationalized by the defendant?

This part of the paper will require research as outlined above. I fully expect all of your research to be documented and properly cited in the text and the bibliography according to APA standards.

Part 2 of your paper should include the theories you have learned in class, your readings in and out of class, and how you have applied those theories to your particular case.