Medical Equipment: A Continuous Positive Air Pressure (CPAP) machine is used for patients with sleep apnea or other breathing problems such as cystic fibrosis. A particular machine has been running well, but now is very inconsistent with its air flow. It runs for a while at the programmed pressure, then slows down considerably for a while, then speeds up and blows too hard, then goes back to normal, all at seemingly random intervals.

By Using above scenario please submit a paper with below deliverables.

1.PLease explain about CPAP in 100 words

2. create any one of the tool (mind mapping, Ishikawa diagram, Flow chart, or Fault tree Analysis).

3. Generate at least 10 possible causes.

4. Develop a FMA&A document corresponding to those 10+ causes.

What should be present in document

A. Describe your process , i.e. what you did to generate the information (For example, how you used the tool to identify potential causes, what research if you got a template for your tool from somewhere. Research can include internet, interviews, textbooks, articles, etc.

B. Include the filled Include a out tool (e.g. filledout Ishikawa diagram).

C. Include copy of your FMA&A. The FMA&A should be on Design equipment and Manufacturing Process.