A concept paper is similar to an essay exam; you have an opportunity to communicate your learning by address questions that capture key connects or big ideas presented in the text. This is a 10-12 page paper.

Instructions: In your textbook, at the end of each chapter you will find “personal reflections” and “critical thinking questions.” In your concept paper, please answer the questions listed below. Remember to define any critical terms as part of your introduction to the paper.

Personal Reflections Questions:

  • Chapter 1 Questions #2- Page 46
  • Chapter 2 Questions #1 and 2 – Page 77
  • Chapter 3 Question #2 – Page 111
  • Chapter 4 Question #2 – Page 141
  • Chapter 5 Question #2 – Page 179
  • Chapter 6 Question #1 – Page 218

Critical Thinking Questions:

  • Chapter 1 Question #2 – Page 46
  • Chapter 2 Question #2 – Page 78
  • Chapter 3 Questions #1 and 2 – Page 111
  • Chapter 4 Question #1 and 2 – Page 179
  • Chapter 5 Question #2 – Page 179
  • Chapter 6 Question #2 – Page 218

Paper Outline:

  • Cover Page
  • Introduction and Definition of Key Terms
    • You should define terms that are from the reading and that you will use in your paper, such as race.
      • Make sure to define: race, ethnicity, and inequality; provide reference information, including the page number.
  • Personal Reflection Questions
    • You may answer these questions in essay format or as Q&A, with a 1-2 paragraph (substantive) response per question.
  • Critical Thinking Questions
    • You may answer these questions in essay format or as Q&A, with a 1-2 paragraph (substantive) response per question.
    • When responding to the above critical thinking and personal reflection questions, make sure to support your answers by referencing your PDF textbook; include page numbers and proper in-text citation information.
        • You are required to reference throughout your paper a minimum of 9 other sources (media, articles, PowerPoints) assigned during weeks 1-6. You do not need to have an additional source citation for every question but you should reference up to 9 additional source in total. Thus, your reference page will include a total of NINEreferences plus your textbook. If you have questions, please ask your peers or instructor.
  • Conclusion
    • Provide a brief summary of what, if anything, surprised you most about the materials you incorporated.
    • Share personal connections you made between the materials you selected and your daily life.
  • Reference Page
    • Should include a minimum of 10 sources from the class including the textbook.

Writing Assignment Requirements:

Don’t forget:

  • Cover page clearly identifying the concepts you aim to explore (e.g., race in the media, anti-racism, prison industrial complex, etc.)
  • You do not have a required page count for your concept paper; you are simply required to address all of the above. Generally, if you adequately address all of the requirements above, you will most likely have a 5-6 page essay.
  • Properly cite all sources throughout your document and include a reference list.
  • Show proof of either NetTutor (see left navigation bar), the Writing Center (Links to an external site.), Grammaly (Links to an external site.), or another review program to ensure your paper is well-written and materials are properly cited.

Grading Rubric:

  • Paper includes key concepts and provides evidence of understanding through examples and facts. (60 points)
  • Paper includes clear self-reflective statements on learning topics as well as conceptual integration. (40 points)
  • Formatting includes a correctly formatted cover page, reference page, in-text citations, etc. (15 points)
  • Reference page has a minimum of 10 sources (including the textbook) from the class; weeks 1-6.
    • 3-4 articles
    • 3-4 class films
    • 3-4 PowerPoint presentations
  • Academic Writing: Correct spelling, clear, concise, and provided proof of plagiarism and editorial support/review(15 points)