Your presentation should briefly summarize the goal of the study, the appropriateness of the literature that was reviewed, how well the methods aligned with the research questions and rationale, and whether the sample was appropriate given the goal of the research. Finally, you should assess how well the authors discussed their findings, the limitations, and future research. The presentation should include a limited number of academic sources for helping to evaluate your chosen article. Your group can use textbooks or readings from this course. Presentations should be 8 to 10 minutes in length.

Presentations Rubric


Points Possible

Group introduces and reviews the study’s goal and rationale.


The study method is summarized and a clear assessment of its appropriateness is provided.


Presentation provides insightful and specific connections between the study and the academe for identifying good writing thru numerous examples. The group discusses each section of the article and uses examples from other peer reviewed articles or textbooks to provide explanations.


Presentation is well organized, visually appealing, free of typos/spelling errors, narration demonstrates significant planning (e.g, focused, no excessive “stumbling” to find the next words, etc.)


Individual effort score (based on average of peer evaluations, will vary for individual student)