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For this Observation Video Report you will view a variety of
classroom situations. We are not using the accompanying workbook for CD
7. Please choose at least five of these videos and tell me what number
of video you are describing (for example, Video #2). You may view all of
the videos, or just some of your favorites. For the five specific
classroom scenes that you choose, please describe in your own words what
you observed. For each of these five, please describe:

1. Which video? The context and setting – What were the
children doing? What was the teacher doing? How many children did you
observe interacting?

2. Discuss the routines and activities that you observed.

3. Discuss the children’s interactions with the environment, activities, and materials.

4. Please discuss the child’s interactions with adults and other children.

This report should be 2-3 pages in length. Pay attention to the details in the classroom and tell me what you saw. Enjoy!

Don’t wait until October 13 to do this assignment! It will take you some time to watch the videos and record your observations