Chapter 8 PROJECT 2: Photo Sharing Site

1) Go to the textbook’s Student Resources Companion Website for our textbook -> (Links to an external site.)

2) Download the Chapter 8 Projects .zip file

3) Unzip the .zip file to put starter files in directory “chap_project_8”

4) Locate starter file “chapter08-project02.html” in the Project 2 directory

5) Open file “chapter08-project02-html” in the Visual Studio Code IDE or another web development editor of your choice

6) Complete Instruction Steps #1 through #5 on pages 388-389 and Testing Step #1 on page 389.

7) Your completed webpage should look as close as possible to Figure 8.27 on page 388. Take a screen snapshot of your completed webpage.

8) Zip your .html file, images directory, css directory, data.js file, functions.js file, and a screen snapshot of your completed webpage into a single .zip file.

9) Submit your single .zip file by the midnight Sunday due date.