Please submit an analysis of an article from the business press (e.g., Wall Street Journal, Economist, BusinessWeek, Forbes, New York Times, Washington Post) or other legitimate journalistic outlets (e.g., the New Yorker, Sports Illustrated) and describe in 3 pages how the article illustrates certain Organizational Behavior (OB) concepts. Focus on the application/illustration and do not overly regurgitate definitions and material from the book.

Please apply OB concepts from Kinicki’s Textbook Chapters. To deepen your learning, I request that you apply different OB concepts than those for Application Write-up #1.

However, you are free to use RELATED OB models or concepts from other management books or articles. For example, the textbook does not mention “stereotype threat” but many OB scholars study this phenomenon (and you can cite them as your source). Avoid using models from other business disciplines (e.g., marketing or strategic management) as this MGT 320 assignment assesses your ability to apply OB models or theories.