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You have been asked to analyse an existing organisation and through systematic fact finding, research and documentation, you will then identify operational processes within that organisation.

In this assignment you will be playing the role of a Business Analyst who has been selected by management of Opal Health Care. The task is to analyse the current protocols within a section of the organisation. In particular, you will be investigating the possible changes to information systems and staff processes in the monitoring of residents.

Opal Health Care’s primary focus is to facilitate provided-managed care (PMC) for residents. Recently they are discussing the concept of moving into self-managed care (SMC) for residents.

In particular, their goal is to maximise the SMC time for all residents. The idea is to monitor the possible scenarios that may create a transition from SMC to PMC.

Areas of interest for their residents are:

Due to the COVID situation, Opal Health Care policy (also NSW Health), require all staff to complete a rapid antigen test (RAT) every day before entering the resident areas and to wear N95 masks.

Further information will be given during the lectures.

Assessment Purpose:

In this activity students will develop the ability to gather and record information, document systems and detail business requirements. They will then convey this clearly in a well presented and articulate manner. The business report will include:

Submission Requirements:

Required structure

Title Page (your details)

§In other words, recommended pathways for management due to the findings from the research

Table of Contents

Business Overview Modelling

Strategy Analysis

SWOT analysis

Current Process identification

Next steps



At least 5 journal or book references


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