In one word document, combine all three of the final:

  • Part 1: Case Study Analysis – case by case, meaning that each case will be analyzed singularly.
  • Part 2: Case Study Comparative Analysis – this will be a field statement where all three cases will be analyzed for the similarities and differences.
  • Part 3: References – any additional citations or materials that you would like to include should be offered as references. Instead of have references spread throughout the document, please provide one section for the references and practice “in-text” citations throughout the document. Please use APA format for the works cited and bibliography – you do not need to provide a cover page, running header, or any other element in APA formatted documents (only the references and works cited should be in APA format).
  • The answer to the Part 2 prompt should be 1.5-2 pages, 1.15 line spacing. Do not go over 2 pages with the main text. The reference list can be on a separate page from the main text. If your text goes over page 2, the text that goes over the limit will not be evaluated.