As a newly hired case manager in the local hospital, you want to set up a collaborative model of case management. Hospital administration is not sure they want that type of model. An explanation of the collaborative model

Defend your proposal to the administration in a formal paper.

Include the following in the paper:

  • Explain the collaborative model.
  • Present the argument for why this is the best model
  • Provide at least three scholarly references to support your argument.
  • Describe the elements of the model: the who, what, where, and when.
  • Include the collaborative relationships that would be needed to support care across the lifespan.
  • The hospital has a strongly embedded electronic health system model. Explain how you will incorporate this model with your case management model.
  • The paper should be 3-5 pages long, not including the title page or reference page, and should be written in APA format.
  • Review the following case: R.T. is a 77-year-old male with COPD who developed respiratory failure and was intubated and ventilated. He has become a failure to wean and now has a trach and a Peg tube. He has developed a stage three sacral pressure ulcer, renal failure, and delirium. As a patient with Medicare benefits only, he was enrolled in the state‚Äôs Medicaid program. The Outcome Facilitation Team feels R.T. is ready to transfer to a sub-acute long-term rehab center. Identify the steps needed to coordinate and develop a treatment or discharge plan.
    • Discuss the importance of a thorough assessment of the case.
    • What is necessary to assess?
    • What are some barriers to a thorough assessment in this case?
    • What are some barriers to this stage of the case management process?
    • How would you go about developing a list of community resources and agencies in your area to assist the patient and/or family?
    • Compare any differences with your peers.