1. Read Chapter 3
  2. Watch Frontliine: The Madoff Affair. Click on the link above to watch the video in preparation for the writing assignment and take notes.
  3. Visit the Business Roundtable website and read the August 2019 article “Business Roundtable Redefines the Purpose of a Corporation to Promote ‘An Economy that Serves All Americans'”.
  5. Read these instructions at least three times before posting.If you chose to complete this assignment: watch “Frontline: The Madoff Affair” video in module 7, read the Business Roundtable article posted in Module 7, and read/listen/review material related to chapter 3 (Ethics) (Assigned Material). Each student will be assigned to a group of 6 to 10 students. After watching/reading the Assigned Material prepare your writing assignment (post) in a Word document. You may use the spell-check and grammar check features. Access your discussion board by clicking on the link above and create a new thread. Once you create a new thread cut and paste your writing assignment from your Word document into your thread by 11:59 PM on Saturday. After copying your Writing Assignment to the thread, you MUST then upload your Writing Assignment (post) to SafeAssign within 5 minutes to avoid a 0 score. The SafeAssign link can be found below the Writing Assignment/Group Discussion in Blackboard. Unfortunately, Blackboard does not allow for SafeAssign submission in the discussion board. If you do not upload your Writing Assignment (post) to SafeAssign, you will earn a 0 score on that assignment.Your initial post is worth 70 points and your replies (two are required) are worth 35 points, 100 points total for the writing assignment. Please read the additional instructions in the syllabus. You will not be able to see other posts until you post. Please treat this assignment as a serious writing assignment. The rubric is strictly followed, and no one gets credit just for posting, therefore prepare your post ahead of time and copy into your thread. Once you post, you will be able to see other posts and you can then reply. However, if you post in error before your post is complete or your post is blank, the first post will be graded even if blank. The lowest Group Discussion/Writing Assignment score is dropped for this reason.Your post/replies can only be based on the Assigned Material: “Frontline: The Madoff Affair” video, textbook, and the Business Roundtable article (and other responses for your replies). Internet resources and other resources outside the course material are prohibited, as is collaboration. Your post should be 250-300 words and each reply should be approximately 150 words. Showing substantive knowledge of the Assigned Material requires addressing the prompt and providing at least FIVE accurate examples or support from the Assigned Material (with citations) supporting your analysis and in your own words (do not quote, show your own understanding in your own words). You must cite to ALL Assigned Material, which must include at least one citation to the textbook and at least four other citations to the Assigned Material (five citations total), which support your analysis. In other words, you should have at least one citation to each of the items listed in the Assigned Material section on Blackboard and no less than five citations total. Cite to your sources in parenthesis in the following way: provide the minute from the video (i.e., Madoff 5:10), provide the paragraph of the article (i.e. Roundtable para. 4), and provide the section/page of the textbook/e-book (i.e., Chapter 4, page 95 or Chapter 4-2b). Remember you are not being asked for your opinion, you are being asked to apply/analyze the law. A citation list is not required because everyone has access to and is using the same required resources in the Assigned Material list.
    You are required to reply to at least two of your classmates by 11:59 PM on Sunday. Your replies must be substantive and MUST include citations in parenthesis according to the instructions above. For example, your replies should extend the discussion or provide another legal perspective, but your replies should not be critical of your classmate’s work. Your replies are worth 15 points and you must provide more than one substantive reply to be eligible for 15 points.DUE DATES ARE STRICTLY ENFORCED. THESE ARE WRITING ASSIGNMENTS AND THERE IS NO CREDIT FOR POSTING OR REPLYING LATE.Background: A popular view of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) emphasizes that businesses have a duty to those affected by its decisions (“stakeholders”) beyond just its owners.
  6. Address the following prompt in your post:Explain CSR and name three different stakeholder groups impacted by Madoff’s scheme. Explain how the groups were impacted. Use thorough analysis and provide five citations as explained above. Make sure you provide the names of the groups (e.g., society – but do not use society as your own example). You may use individual names as examples of people impacted within that group but provide the name of the group and then the individuals’ names by way of examples. Please remember to only use the video, the article, the textbook and course material (do not rely on Internet resources outside those assigned here).

Grading Criteria:







Quality of Post

No post, post is submitted after due date, post does not address prompt, and/or violations of rules, including using unauthorized resources or providing no or inaccurate citations

Does not refer to the Assigned Material in a substantive way or does not fully address the prompt within word limit and on time with few citations as indicated in instructions

Shows some knowledge of the Assigned Material within word limit and on time with citations as indicated in instructions

Shows knowledge of Assigned Material and offers an original and critical post within the word limit and on time with citations as indicated in instructions

Shows substantive knowledge of the Assigned Material and offers an original and critical post within the word limit and on time with citations as indicated in instructions

70 points






Quality of Reply/


No replies or reply/replies are submitted after due date and/or rule violations

Only one reply or replies show no knowledge of material

Two replies on time showing some knowledge of the material with citations

Two replies on time showing knowledge of the material with citations

Two or more replies on time showing substantive knowledge with citations

30 points






The posts/replies must be your original work. Do not collaborate with others. Do not quote or cut and paste from any source, including the textbook. Show your own understanding. Use of the Internet or other sources outside the video, textbook, and the other course material is strictly prohibited and a violation of the Honor Code. Violation of these rules will result in a grade of 0 and an Honor Code violation. Failure to post your writing assignment (post) to SafeAssign will result in a score of 0.