Research Prospectus

A Research Prospectus: A research prospectus is a brief description of each section of a research proposal. Your research canvas served as a foundation for your research prospectus and then research proposal. Latham (2014) described the key sections of a research prospectus as the “DNA” of the research design.

For the purpose of this assignment consider:

  • Review each section of your research canvas by making sure that the various sections are aligned.
  • If you made any changes in one section (e.g. the research problem), make sure that you make also changes in other sections.
  • Submit your completed research prospectus for feedback.

Below is an outline of the research prospectus as proposed by Latham (2005). Use Microsoft Word’s Styles feature for the section headings and create the Table of Contents. Please make sure your research prospectus follows APA 6th style format: (a) all margins are 1’, (b) all type is 12-point serif (e.g., Times Roman), and (c) all pages are numbered, except the title page.


Upload your final Prospectus (paper). This paper has to be in APA format and 10 – 15 pages without considering the cover pages and/or references. Your prospectus should contain all 9 elements that have been briefly presented in your research canvas.

It also should contain an introduction as well as a conclusion.

You are expected to have at least 20 references that 16 are no older than two years old.

Careful adherence to all aspects of APA 7.0 is mandatory. Make sure you take advantage of the resources available to you:

You may not have a similarity report higher than 5% however your prospectus will be accepted if it has a similarity report of less than 10% (you will lose points for this excess similarity)


  • Background of the Study
  • Problem Statement
  • Purpose Statement
  • Theoretical/Conceptual Framework
  • Significance of the Study
  • Research Questions
  • Brief Literature Review
  • Level of Existing Knowledge
  • Overall Research Approach
  • Description of the potential final product
  • Drawing Conclusions and highlighting limitations
  • Expected Contribution to Knowledge and Practice
  • Potential Outcome of the Project


Note: Most likely, there will be several changes in your Draft Research Prospectus, because you will be gaining new insights while completing your DBA. Once you make a change in one section of your PDF handout “Research Canvas”, include changes in other sections for internal consistency and congruence.

Additional Resources:

Hello again, Please read the full explanation above, and then read my comments below:

The attached assignment is what you need to work on and develop it to the final file taking into account the points below:

APA formatting ed. 7, needs to be applied to the entire paper, precisely.

The paper needs a proper table of contents, it can not be a manually created one, it should be an actual table of contents

We need to have a discussion part also added to the paper prior to the conclusion, Discussion part should start with a positive statement to open the paragraph according to whats discussed in the main text body read the paper and prepare a discussion part just before the conclusion. In the discussion part add proper scholar articles no older than 2 years. then add those refrences to the reference list correctly using the APA 7th ed formatting.

I will attach the reviewed prospectus draft from two weeks ago by my professor please take into account all her comments and edits and make changes accordingly!. This is very urgent, needed in two hours on point please dont accept if you can not deliver accurate work within the timeline.