Lesson 7 Assignment: Drawing Conclusions

Culminating Project Part VI: Drawing Conclusions

Drawing conclusions: When drawing conclusions, it is important to describe how the research problem was resolved (outcome), what were the contributions to practice or knowledge, how significant were the contributions, and what were the study limitations. Latham (2014) suggests that a researcher should make plans for drawing conclusions by explaining how the research problem might be resolved (link to the problem statement), addressing potential contributions to practice as stated in the purpose of the study, and identifying limitations of the chosen design.

For the purpose of this assignment consider the following:

  • Briefly state potential conclusions with 500-700 words using contributions to practice, the study outcomes, and limitations of the chosen strategy.
  • Include references and in-text citations.
  • Submit your work for evaluation and feedback.

Presentation Preparation for final weeks:

Preparing for Prospectus Recap Presentation for week 8:

In week 8, students will be required to prepare and submit a video recording of the final prospectus project. The video recording will be submitted as part of the final submission. In addition to the video recording, students will prepare an in-class recap presentation of the prospectus and overall findings.

  • Prepare a 5-7 minute in-class recap presentation to the class.
  • Presentations may include a 3-5 PPT presentation slide (Optional)
  • Provide a recap on the overall findings of the research prospectus project.
  • Example Questions
    • What was your topic?
    • Why did this topic interest you?
    • What are the challenges and issues you are trying to solve?
    • What theories did you find to support your research?
    • What did you find in your research while doing the literature review?
    • What was the overall outcome and conclusion of your research?
  • Be Prepared to present to the class and use effective presentation skills.
    • No reading off the slides
    • Avoid using full paragraphs on your PPT Slides
    • Know your topic
    • Use great voice projections and maintain eye contact with your audience
    • Rehearse your presentation

Make sure you read the following paper:

Quality of Writing of Discussion and Drawing Conclusion in Relation to Interdisciplinary Research

Additional Resources:

Hi There, So the above is the Homework description. It is in continues of what you worked on last week.

APA formatting for the entire paper is mandatory 7th ed. APA is a must.
My Topic is the following: The role of corporate values on performance and organization culture.

There are two parts to this homework. One is an assignment 700 words which in mentioned in the first part.

Part – 2 is for next week which is related to the big paper you worked on for me last week. for next week we need a presentation for that paper. Please also prepare the PPT as requested above. I have attached the book mentioned in the description for you.