Attached are screenshots of the textbook use those please!

Prepare a business report responding to Computational Exercise Questions 19.2-36 on page 596 in the paper textbook. Develop the following;

  • A risk management plan that includes at least one major risk, one medium risk and one acceptable risk.
  • An expense budget for the activity elements included in the plan. Show details of Labor, Material and facilities rental.

Assignment Instructions

This is a Business Report, not an essay!

In one paragraph or less summarize the salient issue(s) in the case. Do not duplicate what is in the case itself.

The body of the report addresses the questions in the case in a clear, concise and cohesive manner. This report should be business like, structured and methodical. Please note: each question should become a section title, with sub-titltes as needed for multi-part responses.

The responses are expected to utilize the topics introduced in this course.