For bio lab 6 just activity 3 and the assessment questions

1. What contributed to China’s political unification during the late agrarian era?

2. How did China expand its economy and stimulate trade throughout the Eastern Hemisphere in the late agrarian era?

3. How did Buddhism adapt and spread in China and other countries in East Asia?

1. Why was eastern Eurasia (China, India, Middle East) considered to be more economically and militarily powerful than Christendom in western Eurasia during the Late Agrarian era?

2. Why did Mecca emerge as an important center in the Late Agrarian era? What contributed to Islam’s increasing popularity in Mecca and Arabian society?

3. Why is Dar al Islam considered the first global empire of Afro-Eurasia?

4. How did Islam spread to the “frontier” regions such as Africa and Southeast Asia?