The person asking this question is the Chair of a Pride Organization in Durham Region (Oshawa, Ontario, Canada).

Pretend you are running in the 2022 Ontario Municipal Election as the Mayor of a City, and you need to answer these questions. You are an ally of the LGBTQ+ community and want to convince members of this community to vote for you, based on these answers.

You will need to be specific and detailed most likely. Don’t just use platitudes.

In approximately 1.5 pages, answer the following 3 questions.

5. How can Durham Region work with Pflag and other similar organizations to promote and expand the annual Pride Festival to attract more community participation from Durham Region and across the Greater Toronto Area? Do you feel this is a responsibility for elected officials to be involved in?

6. If elected, what will you personally do to create safer environments for 2SLGBTQI people, where they feel they can be visible and represented?

7. If elected, what part would you do specifically to bring forward solutions, as opposed to just acknowledging the challenges faced by service users and stakeholders in the community?