1.Describes five traits and skills that demonstrate professionalism (Civility, Polish ,Business and Dining Etiquette ,Social Intelligence ,Soft Skills ). Please submit one document that includes a descriptive paragraph for each trait and then make the case in two to three paragraphs at the end for the trait that you consider the most important and why.

2. This assignment offers you the opportunity to show what student learn in business communication course. turn in the long report, refined and revised according to your own knowledge, new research and using formatting, industry language, and any appropriate graphics and charts.

Ideally, this Report Project should be about eight pages long, not counting the cover page and reference page. Provide five to seven references for this assignment. Be sure to proofread multiple times. Use any appropriate graphs or charts to support the conclusions and recommendations.

Put together the knowledge and skills you have accumulated over the course. Complete the research on the topic and present how it will impact the future business situation of international business machines Corporations. the report should address the nature of the issue, the state of data about the issue and where you collected that information, plausible future outcomes and challenges faced by business machines Corporations given the current state of the issue, and your recommendations for how your industry should best approach this new situation in the field.


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