Read through the following scenario complete the following case study:


No-Internal-Controls, LLC is a mid-sized pharmaceutical company in the Midwest of the US employing around 150 employees. It has grown over the past decade by merging with other pharmaceutical companies and purchasing smaller firms.

Recently No-Internal-Controls, LLC suffered a ransomware attack. The company was able to recover from the attack with the assistance of a third party IT Services Company.

Attack Analysis:

  • After collecting evidence and analyzing the attack, the third party was able to recreate the attack.
  • No-Internal-Controls, LLC has a number of PCs configured for employee training
  • These training computers use generic logins such as “training1”, “training2”, etc. with passwords of “training1”, “training2”, etc.
  • The generic logins were not subject to lock out due to incorrect logins
  • One of the firms purchased by No-Internal-Controls, LLC allowed Remote Desktop connections from the Internet through the firewall to the internal network for remote employees
  • Due to high employee turnover and lack of documentation none all of the IT staff were aware of the legacy remote access
  • The main office has only a single firewall and no DMZ or bastion host exists to mediate incoming remote desktop connections
  • The internal network utilized a flat architecture
  • An attacker discovered the access by use of a port scan and used a dictionary attack to gain access to one of the training computers
  • The attacker ran a script on the compromised machine to elevate his access privileges and gain administrator access
  • The attacker installed tools on the compromised host to scan the network and identify network shares
  • The attacker copied ransomware into the network shares for the accounting department allowing it spread through the network and encrypt accounting files
  • Critical accounting files were backed up and were recovered, but some incidental department and personal files were lost


You have been hired by No-Internal-Controls, LLC in the newly created role of CISO and have been asked to place priority on mitigating further attacks of this type.

  • Suggest at least two policies that would help mitigate against attacks similar to this attack
  • Suggest at least two controls to support each policy (so a minimum of 4 controls)
  • Identify each of the controls as either physical, administrative, or technical and either preventative, detective, or corrective (so one control might be a physical, preventive control)
  • Keep in mind that No-Internal-Controls, LLC is a mid-sized company with a small IT staff and limited budget
  • Do not attempt to write full policies, simply summarize each policy you suggest in one or two sentences.
  • Clearly indicate how each policy you suggest will help mitigate similar attacks and how each control will support the associated policy
  • Professor note:please keep this in mind while doing assignment.
  • “You have been provided a very specific case study. Your assignment is to develop a one- to two-page paper suggesting at least two policies that would help mitigate attacks similar to the attack I’ve provided. Do NOT develop the policy itself. Within each policy suggestion, you will provide at least 2 controls, and will identify them as either physical, administrative, or technical AND either preventive, detective, or corrective. As an example, a door lock is a physical – preventive control. Keep in mind that this is a small company with a limited budget (can’t build a Cadillac system on a Volkswagon budget, as we used to say). Finally, your paper should, in each policy, indicate how it will mitigate similar attacks and how each control will support the associated policy. From my perspective, this even lends itself well to a table format with sufficient narrative provided in some of the cells. No points for unrelated articles on policies and controls or attacks and you will be marked down if you provide me with full policies. I will also provide an instant 0 if any part of this is copied from another source (and a notice to the Dean’s office). Again, run it through Grammarly as it will be marked off for formatting and grammatical problems.”