Background: Attorney Ivy, your supervising attorney at Ivy & Associates, is working on a landlord-tenant case for a client, Emily Folly. You and your paralegal colleagues are assisting Ivy with the case. Ivy wants to examine various cases that might be relevant to Folly’s case.

Ivy asks you to analyze and explain a specific case for his review.


1. Read the following case:

Grubb v. Guilford Assoc., Inc., 228 Md. 135 (1962)

2. Analyze and draft a clear explanation of the case, in your own words, including the:

  • holding
  • rationale
  • legally significant facts

Respond in at least 3 well-written paragraphs.

You know you need to create a case brief as a basis for your explanation, although you will not be submitting the case brief to Ivy with Learning Activity submission.

***TIP: If you have problems understanding this, or any other case, Key Cite it in Westlaw (search and review other cases that cited the specific case) to see how this case’s holding/rule was used/applied by other case opinions.

Label responses, as appropriate.

Write in correct, complete sentences in paragraph format, unless instructed otherwise.

Use Arial or Times Roman, size 12 font.