Topic: Inflation

Purpose: to visually explore how my topic is represented graphically and through visuals. Consider my topic is perceived and how I will use images to convey my message.


Step 1: Take a virtual tour of the Internet and explore the types of visuals specific to your topic.

Consider photos, simple charts, quotes, types of media: videos (TED), music, graffiti, fine art.

Prepare a Folder on your computer/cloud and place images you find (save the website links) you should save about 15-25 images for vivid visuals. Note: Do NOT upload your images, save and organize on your computer or cloud.

Step 2: Write a descriptive paragraph that contains the following:

  • Part 1: Description – Explain how our current culture visually embraces your topic. What do you see in the images, explain the colors, the mood or feeling projected, social justice concerns of representation and anything else that pops out at you on your journey. (Imagine your audience was blind and you wanted to represent what you see with your words.
  • Part 2: Literary Devices – Incorporate at least two literary devices (label them) like vivid words, metaphor, analogy, simile to explain what you see, how it makes you feel, what your audience will see.
  • Part 3: Types of Visuals – Consider the Variety of Visuals chart below. Explain specifically HOW you can use each of the four dimensions below in your speech.