1. Recall a time when you had a bad experience in a medical office or a customer service experience where someone failed to communicate something you needed to do or left you more confused about the next steps. How did that make you feel?
  2. Which of the three steps do you think they could have done a better job doing? Why?
  3. How might poor communication impact your client’s experience and their health?
  1. Narration a video
  2. [Narrator] : Let’s go over the process for effective communication. Ask
    questions and actively listen. By asking questions, you’ll be able to
    establish relationships and learn more about others to provide
    individualized care for your client. Your clients will sense if you are
    not being genuine or interested in what they have to say, so be mindful
    of your body language. Building rapport. In order to develop trust, you
    have to take the time to get to know your clients. Use their name when
    speaking to them and show interest in learning more about who they are.
    Communicate with clarity. When working with diverse groups, each client
    will process information differently. Make sure to speak up and use
    language that is easily understand. If a client looks confused, they
    probably are. These are the steps for effective communication.