Information needed to complete this assignment will require searching online sources describing ART treatment.

You are a case worker at a local community health center and you are responsible for explaining the ART treatment protocol to recently diagnosed HIV+ patients.

The patient sitting in your clinical office is male, 23 years of age and is categorized as a MSM. He thinks he contracted HIV from a sexual partner about two months ago. He is fearful of this diagnosis and doing his best to manage his fear.

As a case worker assigned to this patient, how would you describe the ART treatment that is prescribed for this HIV+ patient?

When answering the following questions, number each question and then write your answer. Your answers will be graded based on factual information and the wording you use to converse with the newly diagnosed patient.

Include the following:

1. Explain to the patients what ART is and how it relates to HIV.

2. Explain what kind of ART medications may be prescribed to this HIV+ patient. Include the type and common names of drugs within each type.

3. Explain to the patient how often he may need to take these medications.

4. How will you explain to the patient the side effects that can occur with ART.

5. What does it mean if this patient becomes HIV drug resistant and how will you explain this to the patient.

6. How does one know if the ART is working in treating this patient and how will you explain to the patient.

7. What is contact tracing (case finding) and why is it important?

8. What is known about long-acting injectable treatment instead of using oral-HIV regimens such as those described in your answers for #2-3?