1. In detail, how have changes in factors of production over time altered economic
geography? Please explain how these changes have altered economic geography both
a) at a regional scale, and b) at a global scale.
2. Please explain the three-tier structure of the world economy according to Wallerstein,
including definitions of the processes that define the three zones of economic and
political activity around the globe. How does Wallerstein’s model explain power
relationships between countries?
3. What is import substitution? How can it be both good and bad? Do “demonstration
effects” work toward socioeconomic development? Please provide at least two real
world examples to support your position.
4. How is Japan’s development different than the development of other core
countries/regions? What are the other core countries/regions? How does Japan’s path
relate to the factors of production?
5. Define the “law of diminishing returns” and identify how this is related to global
economic geography both a) historically and b) in the contemporary era.