Over the course of this semester we have peeked into the world of different correctional institutions and penal ideologies/settings from countries halfway around the world. This essay questions calls for you to opine on your perspective of the correctional institution [generally] and how it varies from nation to nation and section of the world, based on what you have been exposed to thus far this semester. How do issues like access to resources and lack of funding, create different systems of incarceration? While many are fast to criticize the United States, not saying we are perfect because we are not, it should be clear that American facilities are safer in some aspect, compared to the videos we have watched and the conditions that many live under in third world countries. The US system also rises above in treatment, resources, and rehabilitation on the overall grand scheme of things but fail in comparison to countries like Germany and Norway. Share with me what you have gathered thus far, concerns or issues that you are grappling with as it relates to corrections, and provide a few stark distinctions that you have noticed from region to region in comparison to the United States.

In addition to answering that above, in another paragraph [at the bottom of your submission] I encourage you to freely write your thoughts about anything else you have encountered about prison, corrections and the purpose of incarceration.

Please make sure your writing is clear and well written. This is an exam therefore submit your best work. Proof read your sentences, make sure you have subject verb agreement, using correct verb tense, and writing in a writer’s voice rather than a speaking voice. Organize your thoughts and submit a college level answer. While I rather not impose a word max or min, consider the fact that this is an essay exam


Recently you were asked to read the Convention Against Human Torture and Inhumane Punishment [included below], in that convention, you learned that many nation states, including the United States, have signed on to the terms of the Convention, essence agreeing to not torture individuals help in Government’s custody as a result of an offense. In reading the terms of the Convention, it should have occurred to you that many of the signatories of the Convention are in direct violation of the Convention’s terms and are, for example, housing their residents in inhumane quarters day in and day out. Put differently, individuals housed in our own United States Federal Prisons [medical detention centers] are left to die with sub par medical treatment and support, are left to suffer while in the custody of the United States government, and are left to their own demise simply because they committed a crime. Not implying that inmates should recent better medical care and attention than, us law abiding citizens, but where on the continuum of human rights violations do we blow the whistle and challenge the status quo and torture of inmates? Stated differently, the United States as well as several other powerhouse nation states are in stark violation of the Convention and NO ONE HAS DONE anything about it. These violations should have been brought before the International Criminal Court but no one has been successful in getting a case before the International Criminal Tribunal.

Questions to consider:

If we, the United States, and other nation states signing on Convention after Convention, but steadily violating those terms for which we agree to, what is the purpose of signing on to these Conventions? If the United States holistically is against the torture and inhumane treatment of prisons then why are we in stark violation of the Convention. If it is impossible to bring their violations before the International Criminal Tribunal then are we only signing up for Lip Services as to the terms of the Conventions? How do we hold nations accountable for their injustices, inhumane treatment as punishment, and gross violations of the Convention?

Question to Answer:

You are writing a book on the issues you have witnessed that violate the terms of the Convention. Aside from your own moral considerations, your book aims to educate the public about the realities that individuals face while incarcerated whether in the United States or in a small village in South America, you fully intend to unearth the truths and aim to hold nation states accountable for the perpetual violations that fall silence on the deaf ears of the International Criminal Court. Of course, Free of Speech is your saving grace, as such it will allow you to highlight some of the very gross and unfathomable conditions that American tax payer dollars indirectly, but actually directly, supports, unbeknown to the vast majority. In a few paragraphs, provide us with a pithy yet poignant summary of your book that will be shared with Amazon, the New York Times, and Democracy Now in an effort to be ranked as one of the top 10 books of the year.

Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.pdf